5 Food mistakes to avoid at a Wedding

Your wedding day should be the most special day of yours and your partner’s lives. Every element is important; the venue, the photographer, the music, but, in our opinion, the food tops this list and has extra importance. It’s a time where guests are socialising on their tables, everyone is getting fuelled up for dancing and drinking and it’s an element people always remember if done right.

So, here are some food mistakes to avoid when planning your big day:

Not enough

Every caterer’s nightmare is that there isn’t enough food to satisfy every guest. No one wants hungry guests, it will be something people remember and refer to in the future. In addition, the food acts as a foundation for drinking, if there is too little food then Uncle Gary is going to get too drunk and take control of the dance floor all night! If you’re not eating until later in the day it might be an idea to provide nibbles as people enjoy their first few drinks!

Attempting to please your guests over yourselves

Creating a menu featuring your favourite foods whilst ensuring each and every guest is kept happy is hard. Dietary requirements, fussy eaters, allergies etc all need to be taken into account but you need to remember it’s your day. It’s easy to find yourself focused too much on what other people need that you forget what style or foods you want. Buffets or sharing feasts are a great way to present food that can cater to everyone, offering guests a choice in what they put on their plate.

Choosing ingredients out of season

Using ingredients that are not in season can make your food more expensive. Using foods that are in season add flavour and keep costs low. Your caterer will know which ingredients are available for you and how to incorporate it into your menu.

Messy foods

Everyone is dressed in their finest attire. Dressed to impress. Dressed to the nines. The last thing you want is for someone leaving early or not enjoying themselves because they’ve spilt Spaghetti Bolognese all over their outfit. That could be a dry-cleaning bill coming your way after the wedding!

Not putting your trust in your caterer

As your caterer, they are there to listen to your requirements and bring it to life. Working on events on a daily basis; they know how to keep things within budget, how much to feed people and what will or won’t work on your big day. Listening to your caterer’s ideas and advice will help your event go as smoothly as possible, resulting in you being able to relax and enjoy your day.

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