Introducing Cameron & Co

Meet the team behind Cameron & Co – Creative Dining & Events. Working together to create bespoke menus and organise lavish events. Not forgetting the admin work! Here are few quirky questions that we asked the team to find out more about them.

1. Use three words to describe yourself.

· Ailie – Colourful, friendly and creative.

· Dan – Individual, innovative and resourceful.

· Harley – Energetic, smiley and just the right amount of crazy!

· Essel – Funny, unique and a fast learner.

2. If you were stranded on a desert island but were able to have one luxury item with you, what would you choose?

· Ailie - Coffee machine

· Dan – Teleporter

· Harley – Toastie maker

· Essel – Mobile Phone

3. What’s the last song you listen to?

· Ailie – Mambo Rap by Parov Stelar

· Dan – St. James’ Ballroom by Alice Francis

· Harley – Careless Whisper by George Michael

· Essel – Cold Sweat by James Brown

4. Choose three dream dinner party guests?

· Ailie – Heston Blumenthal, Tom Hardy and Gwen Stefani

· Dan – Katherine Ryan, Ryan Reynolds and Steve McQueen

· Harley – Hugh Jackman, Brian Blessed and Gordon Ramsey

· Essel – Bob Marley, The Notorious B.I.G and Nelson Mandela

5. Hidden talent?

· Ailie – I practice mixed martial arts.

· Dan – In my youth I competed in rhythmic gymnastics, this is now a very hidden talent!

· Harley – I can hold my own amongst Dad’s on the dancefloor!

· Essel – My first job back in Ghana was as a tailor to the upper classes.

6. You’re a new addition to the crayon box. What colour would you be? And why?

· Ailie – Orange, I'm known by my colourful hair and it’s orange at the moment.

This answer could change on a weekly basis!

· Dan – Tartan, because its individual and indicates my Scottish heritage.

· Harley – Rainbow, because as I said before I’m just the right amount of crazy.

· Essel – Dark ash, because it’s my favourite colour.

7. You’re on death row, what would your last meal be?

· Ailie – I love all things Seafood and would choose a seafood buffet comprising of all of

my favourites - scallops, mussels, prawns and lobster, just to name a few!

· Dan – My go-to meal is well made Crispy Chili Beef and Egg Fried Rice – I’d be choosy

though; it needs to be the right balance between sweet and savoury and has to be


· Harley – Lots and lots of the garlic focaccia we make!

· Essel – Homemade fried chicken with triple cooked chips and our sriracha mayo!

8. Go to alcoholic drink?

· Ailie – A crisp glass of Argentinian Chardonnay.

· Dan – Whisky – preferably a peaty Islay one.

· Harley – I’m partial to the odd cocktail and my favourite at the moment has to be a

Long Island Tea

· Essel – I’m enjoying the craft beer revival happening at the moment and enjoying trying

new and interesting brews from the local suppliers.

9. Foodie joke?

· Ailie – What do you call a fake noodle? An impasta

· Dan – I’ve started using garlic in my magic act.... First I start by crushing it, adding basil

and some pine nuts then I blend them all together with some parmesan and olive oil...

then... hey... pesto!

· Harley – What does a grape say when it gets stepped on?

Nothing, it just lets out a little wine.

· Essel - A guy just threw a glass of milk at me. How dairy!

1. What three foods do you not eat/like?

· Ailie – I’m not a fan of peppers, as much as I’ve tried, I also love almonds but can’t stand

almond flavoured products and then willpower dependant I TRY to refrain from eating

gluten - not easy when you’re in the kitchen!

· Dan – I’m open to trying most things and wouldn’t say there is much I don’t like.

· Harley – I don’t enjoy custard, beans (yes, even baked beans!) and spinach is not for me.

· Essel – I’m more of a savoury person so overly sweet and sugary things are not for me

and I don’t like strongly flavoured blue cheeses.

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